Mama Jong: Quiz Time!

Dear Mama Jong, I really love mahjong a lot. But how much is too much? I’ve started canceling on friends so I can continue my tenhou grind to 1st dan, and all my disposable income goes on attending mahjong tournaments. Do I need to dial it back?

Hi there! When does a hobby become an obsession? With mahjong players, it seems that one hit (or draw and discard) is like heroin to the system and we’re immediately hooked. Helpfully, I have created this small quiz which will diagnose whether you have taken mahjong too far.

How do you refer to yourself?

  1. By my name or a nickname conferred upon me by my peers.
  2. I like to use the title “Janshi” on all official forms.
  3. I’ve legally changed my name to Kokushi Tempai (but people keep spelling it Tenpai – most frustrating)

Have you ever skipped food to play mahjong?

  1. No. Food is more satisfying than exchanging plastic sticks with people I only barely tolerate.
  2. I make sure to bring some snacks to the mahjong table.
  3. The lunchbreaks at mahjong tournaments are a disgusting distraction. All those mahjong players and they stop for a full hour or more?! Some of them even discuss non-mahjong topics at the dinner table… OUTRAGOUS!

What are you reading right now?

  1. The internet like all well-adjusted people.
  2. Daina Chiba’s mahjong book is a great read especially before a tournament.
  3. I only read the densest mahjong moonrune books with as few pictures as possible.

How much have you spent on shipping to get your mahjong merch to your home?

  1. I wait until me or a friend goes on vacation and get them to bring it back.
  2. I try to be selective and use the SAL option.
  3. I live under a railroad bridge with the Amazon Japan boxes my last order came in as my only shelter.

When you go abroad, what are you plans?

  1. See the big sights, taste the food – generally be a tourist.
  2. Meet up with my friends I met on the mahjong discord and play a little of our fave game.
  3. Ensure I never see the city or even the sun by sitting indoors playing mahjong or demanding “social” play constantly.

Have you ever bathed in mahjong tiles?*

  1. Wait, what?
  2. Umm… No…? Should I?
  3. I like to roleplay that I am a mahjong tile. Mostly I roleplay the 2-sou but sometimes North to mix it up.

*I sh*t you not, this is a thing that a pro did according to’s Pro-spective book.

Have you ever uttered the words (be honest)… “Actually in Japan they…”

  1. No, because we’re not in Japan.
  2. I mean sometimes you should correct people, right?
  3. 実は我々雀士が。。。(Don’t speak Japanese? This roughly translates to “I’m being a cock.”)

So how did you do?

Mostly 1s – You’re normal. You may not even actually play mahjong. Well done!

Mostly 2s – Danger zone. You play a lot but you’re still rooted in reality. Good job!

Mostly 3s – Seek help.

Mama Jong

Mama Jong has been playing mahjong since there were only three winds.