Monthly Archive: April 2019

The Care and Keeping of Your Mahjong Club

(Rochester, NY) Over the past decade, our city’s mahjong groups have grown from a single table of friends to dozens of players, with new folks being taught every week. Rather than write about generic “how to start a club” ideas, I thought it might be helpful to share some of the opportunities and strategies that have worked for us (and one that didn’t) in hopes they might help out your club as well.

Jankiryuu—Way of the Mahjong Demon

Pai no Oto is officialy known as a mahjong dojo, but if you were expecting another parlor like you would find anywhere else in Tokyo, or even another mahjong dojo like JPML‘s, then you would be horribly wrong. Pai no Oto is quite different than any other place out there.

The Tyranny of Etiquette

It’s THE conversation of choice at tournaments now. In corners of cheaply-rented event halls, people mutter and judge the players they just played against, swiftly dividing them between those with “good manners” or “bad manners”. It doesn’t matter what else they did at the table, what matters is if they discarded with one hand or not.

By Our Powers Combined: Tournament Fatigue

With clubs starting up all over North America it is unavoidable that some will want to host an event; that is as it should be. But with an increase in the number of competitions cropping up in hot-spots across the continent, so rises the potential for “tournament fatigue”: exhausting your available time, energy, or disposable income attending competitions.

RMC’s First Study Group Session

There Is Merit, But It Needs Work. Much like the opening chapters of the book used as the basis for the Riichi Mahjong Central Study Group, the first session was an introduction. Which, frankly,...

M.League—Do We Have A Game?

Garthe Nelson closes this feature series by recapping the final weekend of the M.League inaugural season and a powerful victory by the Akasaka Drivens!