Monthly Archive: January 2019

Ask Mama Jong: Decluttering

Help, Mama Jong! My haipais are a total mess. What do I do to make sense of it all and live an ordered and mangan-full life? Decluttering is all the rage after Marie Kondo...

Riichi vs. Hong Kong!

Oh man. Where does one start with Hong Kong style mahjong? There are numerous variations (many of them bearing the same name) so when one person says “mahjong” to another it is not always...

I Tried MCR and I Liked It

Donnie gallantly tackled American Mah-jongg as a topic this week despite not having tried the rule set. Today, I tackle a rule set I have tried—Mahjong Competition Rules. Stay with me riichi players! I...

FFXIV Doman Mahjong

FFXIV Mahjong Brings New Players!

A lot of new players have dipped their toe into our community since last week. The reason: Final Fantasy XIV’s “mini”-game, Doman Mahjong!

Twitch List 2019

Some really cool riichi-related Twitch streams have been popping up over the last year and if you’re not following them, you might want to start. There are some high level players adding games, information,...

Image only. Houki Precipice is not nearly as attractive. Buyer beware.

Ask Mama Jong!

Mama Jong answers your concerns the best way she knows how! “I think I have a problem… When someone declares riichi and I’m even close to tempai…”

Welcome 2019

Happy New Year, riichi fans! We’ve celebrated the earth making yet another rotation around the sun and hopefully played some mahjong. Typically this time of year is a little quiet as everyone shakes off...