Monthly Archive: March 2019

M.League: Is It Already Over?

As the last rounds of the M.League finals approaches, Garthe Nelson recaps last weekend’s battle to halt the Drivens’ runaway lead.


A Parlor Abroad

I first went to Japan in 2013 to study abroad for a year at Sophia University. Like any other random mahjong loving foreigner, I really wanted to play at a mahjong parlor. So with this desire in mind, I searched up Google for the nearest parlor in my tiny part of the outskirts of Tokyo.

RRO 2019: Philly’s “Mah-Jawng” Reports

A large contingent of nine players from Philadelphia club PRMC attended the 2019 Rochester Riichi Open, one of whom, Justin Toporcer, went home with the champion’s trophy! Riichi Reporter asked them to contribute a write-up of the event, and in true club fashion they pulled together as a group to bring it to you.

Mama Jong: Quiz Time!

Dear Mama Jong, I really love mahjong a lot. But how much is too much? I’ve started canceling on friends so I can continue my tenhou grind to 1st dan, and all my disposable...

Taro Crushes It: Abemas Take It on the Chin

Garthe Nelson brings us a mid-finale recap following last weekend’s M.League playoff. Holy b’goley has the final series begun with a bang. On the strength of Suzuki Taro’s total domination, the Drivens have managed...

M.League: Here in the Paradise Garage

This is not the old mahjong. This is mahjong reinvinting itself: it’s faster, it’s slicker, there are teams and team supporters’ clubs, there’s glitz and glamour, and the players are wearing the merchandised sports kit styled on global soccer.

Doing It Like the Viennese

Kasu & Lena Weinguny Mahjong has formally existed as a community activity since the 1980s beginning with a club meeting in Baden, Lower Austria that played by local rules pieced together from various Chinese...

M.League’s March Madness

With the first season of M.League shooting into its finale, Riichi Reporter has invited the infamous Garthe Nelson to offer his opinions on the preceding game series as well as the final matches taking place this month.