Author: RR Staff

Chip Mahjong Revisited

By Taylor H. & Philly Riichi Mahjong Club The Philly Riichi Mahjong Club has run several chip mahjong events since the last article was published. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about chip...

Japanese Pros to TNT/WRC Qualifier

In May we shared on Twitter that French club Tri Nitro Tiles (TNT) would be opening their next tournament, TNT: 7th Detonation, as a WRC 2020 qualifier. Today, more exciting news has been announced!...

Philly Takes on Doragon no Taikai!

Philadelphia’s PRMC has another tournament report, this time from Doragon no Taikai 2! The club traveled to Lockport, N.Y. last weekend to compete, and test their training efforts against East Coast players. By Taylor...

Rosti’s Riichi Lexicon (Part 1)

A common complaint often seen from new and aspiring players in mahjong is the terminology. “It’s like I have to learn a whole new language just to play this sodding game!” they cry, “Why can’t you guys just use English?!”

EXCLUSIVE: is back

Threatened many, many times but fallen flat just as many…finally, the team of Jenn, Garthe, and Gemma have confirmed that they do indeed have a revamped site and are ready to launch this...

The Care and Keeping of Your Mahjong Club

(Rochester, NY) Over the past decade, our city’s mahjong groups have grown from a single table of friends to dozens of players, with new folks being taught every week. Rather than write about generic “how to start a club” ideas, I thought it might be helpful to share some of the opportunities and strategies that have worked for us (and one that didn’t) in hopes they might help out your club as well.

M.League—Do We Have A Game?

Garthe Nelson closes this feature series by recapping the final weekend of the M.League inaugural season and a powerful victory by the Akasaka Drivens!

M.League: Is It Already Over?

As the last rounds of the M.League finals approaches, Garthe Nelson recaps last weekend’s battle to halt the Drivens’ runaway lead.