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Event report: 4th Montréal Riichi Open

Twenty participants took part in the latest edition of the classic North American mahjong tournament (September 22-23, 2018), with a new champion taking the title: Lorenzo Desrosiers! The new champion took command after Day...

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IORMC: Qualifying by country

The IORMC does not mandate how each participating country selects its team. Read to out how a few countries are conducting their qualifiers.

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IORMC: Facts and Figures

What is the IORMC? The International Online Riichi Mahjong Championship (IORMC) is an online competition organized by the Korean Mahjong League (KML) since 2012, with one precursor event in 2011. Originally held between East...

Introducing Gemma: Special Contributor

Most of you have at least heard of Gemma. But did you know she has a sordid history with the 5-man tile? Explore this, and more, as Riichi Reporter introduces our third founder.

Introducing: Donnie, Admin.

Riichi Reporter introduces the author and site admin, Donnie Clark! Learn a little about what brings him to riichi mahjong, likes and dislikes, and his favorite tile.

Introducing: Grant, Editor-in-chief.

From: Halifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaClub: Formerly from Club Riichi de Montréal, currently exploring forming a new group (small active circle).Favorite Tile: Haku for its simplicity, a game where a blank item has value. Close second: 1-pin, but...

Welcome To Riichi Reporter!

This site is devoted to shining a light on the ever-growing riichi mahjong community in Western countries. We felt there was an increasing need for fresh sources of news and information within this global...