Tell us: Riichi in isolation

Mahjong began as, and continues to be, a social activity. In addition to the challenge, excitement, and intellectual stimulation, many people look forward to meet-ups for social face-time. So how is that satisfied when we aren’t allowed to go outside?

COVID-19 has most people sheltered and in isolation by themselves, with room-mates, or with families. No doubt many of us have turned to online platforms to get our mahjong fix unless you have been lucky enough to isolate with two or three other willing players.

Leave a comment below on how you have incorporated mahjong into your Shelter In Place routine to get some social contact, or offer some relief to others. We’d love to hear what you have been up to.

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  1. Dara says:

    We have been sharing ways to connect and play online on our Facebook group
    The majority of our players play by NMJL rules but several play riichi and other styles. Playing online while using zoom or Houseparty has been a great way to connect