Monthly Archive: November 2018


Fashion Report: Japan

This time last week, I was in Japan! Playing with not just the pros, but also my friends! One of the must-see attractions were VIP seats at m-league. We felt pretty special, got directed...

IORMC 2018 Banner

IROMC 2018 Final Results

IORMC Individual sessions are done, so let’s jump right to the results. Rank ID Name Nationality Score 1 mYz4IhA Siarhei Tsyvinski Belarus 59.5 2 2013612 Wong Ki Long Hong Kong, China 33.9 3 Gene5i5...


Mahjong In Media: Books, TV, & Movies

Consume Western media long enough and you are bound to catch a glimpse of mahjong, usually depicted in the background of a scene and in the context of Asian-Americans, some city’s “Chinatown” district, or...

Yes, We Can Kan

Searching for an IORMC game to write a play-by-play over, Gemma makes a connection between hungry ghosts and calling a kan. Oh, and there’s still a play-by-play.

Fashion Report North London

This weekend rather than the frustration of playing mahjong, I got the unique frustration of watching all my friends play mahjong while I did nothing… (I mean technically I was reffing but the cohort...