IROMC 2018 Final Results

IORMC Individual sessions are done, so let’s jump right to the results.

1mYz4IhASiarhei TsyvinskiBelarus59.5
22013612Wong Ki LongHong Kong, China33.9
3Gene5i5Trevor YauAustralia-4.5
4lixinerLi YangPeoples Republic China-88.9

Let’s have a quick look at the top ranking players of the team competition earlier this month.

12013612Wong Ki LongHong Kong, China201.3
2=Anti=Vladimir BogdanovRussian Federation184.3
3lixinerLi YangPeople’s Republic of China123.9
4ГангутYu-Cheng DengChinese Taipei112.7
5LusvikGustavo FigueiredoBrazil107.6
6SiggyArie NovandiIndonesia96.1
8MrFengTham HinSingapore89

Of those placing highest in the team competition only two made the final sessions of the individual event, both hailing from China. Canada kept up its top placing, but it was Belarus that crushed the finals for first place. Siarhei Tsyvinski scored a total of 59.5 points over the two hanchan. (Results)

Team Competition resulted in Hong Kong, China placing first, Canada second, and the Russian Fed third.  (Full Tenhou Team Competition Ranking)