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Introducing Daniel Pro!

I’m going to admit that once I hid from Daniel Moreno at a convention. I saw him walking (bouncing?) down the aisle and I turned and fled. He hadn’t done anything wrong and I...

The Path of Houou Blog

During the National Mahjong Day stream, Daniel “Dasuke” Moreno presented an hour of tools and exercises for practicing aspects of riichi. Throughout the segment he made several references to the blog The Hopeless Girl...

Meeting Manuel

Gemma is on the run to ERMC today, so our scheduled post is a bit late getting out! Meet Manuel! He’ll be your head ref for the weekend, so do say hello!

JPML Crash Course (Pt. 2)

When Gemma told me she was going to arrange a mahjong “tour” (that’s what she called it back then) in Japan, I was both excited and apprehensive. It sounded like an exciting opportunity, but...