FFXIV Mahjong Brings New Players!

A lot of new players have dipped their toe into our community since last week. The reason: Final Fantasy XIV’s “mini”-game, Doman Mahjong!

Those of us who have been FF XIV players for some time were hype to discover that we could sink time into BOTH games at once. How is that for efficiency?

Many FF players have taken to the new feature in the Gold Saucer like a chocobo to a race course. Others have been perplexed…

Also, those are “rectangles.” Just saying…

One of the big complaints seems to be starting up what they think may be a maximum 10 minute diversion, as with most Gold Saucer games, resulting in their character being locked into an 80 minute instance.

So long, some of us have never escaped. Not even once.

Which leads to the loudest criticism from new players—there is no tutorial. If you look in the in-game guide, it runs through basics and then in the last section goes “Mahjong is so complex, you’ve just got to play to learn.” They’re right…but also wrong.

The client does include features like a recommended next discard and even an “aggro” icon indicating how dangerous the tile may or may not be but it is woefully inadequate and very misleading, compounding the frustrations of newer players.

No aggro marker on that 9m… Click HERE to see what happened next!

Fortunately for the wider community, not everyone is rage quitting and we’re starting to pick up some new fans!

Another wasted youth.
A very deep, deep hole. I’m still looking for that tea party…

Next challenge will be transferring what’s been learned from the screen to the table! There are certainly less demon-esque moogles to battle wits with in the real world.

If you meet a new player on your travels of the internet, welcome them to the community and give them some tips and please, please ask them to stop calling kan. It’s not clever and it’s not cool.

But the hint feature told me to, mom!

Let’s hope that people stick at it and the Duty Finder stays to 5 mins even for DPS!

If you want to join in the Doman fun, you can play FFXIV on a free sub. You’ll need to get to level 15 so you can reach the Gold Saucer and you’ll probably find me standing motionless staring at a table on Gilgamesh.