Twitch plays…

It was probably only a matter of time before mahjong got a crowdplayed mahjong game on Twitch.

0xreki was the first to the mark after a joke on another twitch stream took the unusual leap from idle chat to fully realized programming.

The game client used is SegaMJ so it should be familiar to some. Either way, everything you need to know is right there on the page. Enter the number or command to discard tiles and steer the hive mind to victory! (Or at least tempai)

Gemma made a mistake…

At the moment, it’s only possible to play botgames as there are just not enough viewers to sustain playing in ranked matches against real people. However, if it gets popular enough (and in my fevered dreams, it gets to the level of TwitchPlaysPokemon and for some reason we’re cosplaying and worshipping 9-man) then, according to its creator, it should be possible to play ranked.

Another interesting role it could play is for beginners. As we’re all playing the same hand, I hope that those new to the game will be able to discuss what we’re doing and why. Learn what a yaku is in a safe environment, for example.

Or it could all descend into chaos…I know that’s what we all secretly want.

I feel that really should be enough of a sell for you all! You’re always complaining that you want more opportunities to play with your friends. Now you really can play WITH your friends.

To play or watch TwitchPlaysSegaMJ, check out the Twitch stream.