Xmas Quiz: Answers

Answers to our RR Holiday Quiz!

Question 1

Answer: A

You want to be thinking of going for a 345 or 456 sanshoku haneman. Drawing a dora won’t be a problem then, as it gives you a chance to make the hand more expensive.

Question 2

Answer: B  

Dropping the 3s is good for your efficiency, This is a situation where you don’t want to over push. You should be prioritizing getting to a swift tempai and bring this round to a speedy end. If you were currently losing, 4s may have been your choice instead.

Question 3

Answer: B

Junchan is the goal here. Throw the 5, and then if you draw the 1 or 3, you can add a 123 sanshoku yaku to your hand.

Question 4

Answer: C

Discarding 2s takes you to 1-away (1-shanten) and you’re also hoping to extend that manzu shape into something more favorable. The dora is going to be tough to throw here. If you draw a 3m next, you should discard the 4p. You won’t want to throw the 3p until you’re sure about that dora.

Question 5

Answer: B

Wit this draw, not only can you easily accept a dora in your hand but you have a good shape waiting on the 69. If you were to get to a 123 sanshoku, your wait would very likely not be a great one, so for that reason you want to instead keep open the option of a straight and that brings with it the chance of a comparatively better wait.