Mahjong Fashion Collection

Welcome to a very special crossover episode! The feature of the month and Mahjong Fashion critic, Gemma, combined!

If you’ve been on the tournament circuit for a while, chances are you’ve collected a t-shirt or two. Some from clubs, some from events themselves, and maybe even some in-jokes. I’ve collected a huge number of t-shirts in my many years and I’d like to share them. I’m going to admit right now, this is not my complete collection. Rather, it’s the ones that were clean. (Although apparently I could learn to use an iron one of these days!)

PAX East USPML Staff Shirt, 2016

Staff shirt from Penny Arcade East. This has become a firm favorite of mine at the gym. The text is arranged to be a tile shape. Great event to be involved in and hopefully some of the people I introduced to the game are reading this site now!

ERC 2010 Front
ERC 2010 Back

This is one of my older shirts. What I love about this shirt is that it not only has a front and a back but it actively tries to use the whole of the shirt. It also reminds me of the obscenely hot summer in Germany that year and the Double Yakuman that won the event (EMA allowed those at that time!).

1st World Riichi Championship 2014
2nd World Riichi Championship 2017

WRC hosts on the other hand tend to stay toward the minimal. I’m not sure if that’s because their brains are burnt out from all the organizing they have to do, but it makes for t-shirts that are easy to wear around “muggles” without attracting too many questions.

Breizh Mahjong

T-shirt from the Brittany group. I particularly like this one for the way they’ve incorporated the letters of their club with it still remaining very recognizably a West kanji. Someone was on designing fire that day!

Masters of Mahjong Staff Shirt

Honorable mention should go to Masters of Mahjong’s designer for effortlessly getting a hand with a drawn tile in.

Spot the auto-table…

This is a special shirt designed Zoltan Dinyesi to commemorate the big in-joke among the players at WRC 2017… If you’re jealous you don’t get the in-joke, you best attend WRC 2020 to get in on the ground floor of the next one!

(Damn, I need to iron!)

Even worn by non-players

This one isn’t actually mine. I fished it out for an extra special mention! This Paul Smith-inspired shirt is very pink but also very cool. Make it rain tembo!

If you’re sad I didn’t feature the shirt you gave me or I got from your tournament, please do not feel sad! The likelihood is I wore it recently and it’s stuck at the bottom of my laundry basket. It’s a compliment!

Bonus pop culture reference: No. Wire. Hangers. EVER!