What’s a yaku?

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  1. Tinecro says:

    Translating the word “suji” is something that seems to me as stimulating as it is hard.
    As it gets further from “that defense trick” to a fundament of the mahjong combinatorics, involved in hand building and shapes, hence also in reading, finding a proper word to suggest the right image while being easy to use is far from a simple task.

    Talking about “yaku”, I want to share that cute pun that got published on mj watch yesterday: https://mj-news.net/manga-books/yuki_takahashi_four_frame_cartoon/20200114139836

  2. In Korean terms, suji is translated as 줄기패(julgi, lit. stem/stalk). Don’t know much how it does make a lot of sense, but it works. And I’ve thought of other terms like: ‘section’, ‘runner’, and ‘bracket’.

    But I haven’t got much ideas for ‘yaku’, other than ‘combination’ or ‘hand’.

  3. Zawa says:

    Yaku = combo.
    0 yaku = chombo.