What Do You Call a Group of Riichi Players?

Seriously. I would like us all to have a coined word just for that.

We have some pretty strange nouns for referring to collectives in the animal kingdom.

  • A murder of crows
  • A smack of jellyfish
  • A raft of sea otters (but only when floating with their squad!)
  • A skulk of foxes
Attempted Murder

What collective noun can we use to refer to an assemblage of riichi players? How about a sub-set of that group? Can we refer to the assembly as the hand and a contingent within a meld? A mentsu? How about something more esoteric like an agreement or an unkindness?

Ugh! So many different ways to go! This is bigger than just me, so I’m calling out to the hive-mind!

Come up with your best words to refer to a group or sub-group of riichi players (or both!). Be creative and original, and share them in the comments or reply on Twitter with hashtag #riichihivemind. Include as much or little explanation as you like. I’ll collect them and we’ll pick a hand-full of the best ideas for a poll!

Yes, I’ve really thought about it this much, so don’t let me down!

For the sake of definition, a group refers to the entirety of the collective group; a club meeting or tournament, for example. A sub-group will refer to four or more gathered players (say four players at a table or a contingent of players from a given club or country) within that group.

1 Response

  1. rey says:

    group: a kan of riichi players
    subset: a pon of riichi players

    oh wait, u said at least 4 for subset…. so…
    group: a kokushi musou (or musou, meaning ‘countless’)
    subset: a kan of riichi players