Play-by-play: Jerk Move

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  1. Ozball says:

    The only real case I’d do the same:
    Mostly flat scores going into the hand, ie only needing 2k or 3.9k to jump one or two places, or just end up in first. Any gap larger than that and I probably wouldn’t open, and pray on getting riichi/ura/tsumo as possible extra yaku.

    Quick question about this part:
    “Incidentally, at this point, I would have called a 四, a (4) or a (7) to get me into tanyao furiten tempai.”
    If you had called a (4) or a (7) here (and assumedly discarded the (1), wouldn’t you NOT be in furiten? Just waiting on a 一 or 四? Though of course you couldn’t win on the 一, but three are out, compared to only two of the 四, so the odds would be slightly in your favour.

    • Gemma says:

      Hey! Thanks for picking up the error. Must check my work better. I’ve edited it now. 🙂