Play-by-Play: Playing the Dora

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  1. Vinnie says:

    Very interesting. Do you feel that head bump being in effect changes the decision at all. Dさん Is the left most player of all the tenpai.

    • Gemma says:

      Thanks for the question!

      If head bump was in effect here, I don’t think it would alter the decision for me. Considering headbump is generally more for defense rather than offense. Having decided to riichi against one definitely tempai and one likely tempai, I’m already all-in. Or at least I can’t think of a mechanism in which it would impact my decision!

  2. John says:

    “Player A… Probably stuck with that 56s wait and a hope of a flush is gone. The bamboos look like too much of a risky throw on this table. They can discard those 9p, staying safe, and perhaps manoeuvring for a tanyao, pinfu…”

    Shouldn’t 9p be 9m?

    • Gemma says:

      Hi John! Quite true! Many thanks for catching that and editing… Gem

  3. Tinecro says:

    What is it that makes you think that East is close to tenpai after the Green pon? The discards East, 3p and then 3m? A single call stills seems a bit far from tenpai to me, especially a dragon as East player.
    But I would be wary of a high value hand, would it involve a dora, more value tiles or/and a half flush, so from the point of view of D keeping these South and Red makes a lot of sense to me (until they’re discarded by A).

    In the same way, that 5p also doesn’t seem that dangerous, and probably not involved in an expensive hand (also these 3p and 8p discard makes it quite safe I think, beside toitoi maybe). I don’t know about the 8s. I wouldn’t assume East is tenpai but taking C’s hand as one away from tenpai it means the red 5m is probably going and taking it as two away wouldn’t justify the 8s push…

    Regarding the riichi, I think given the situation, if I were to push something like 3m then I’d want to riichi to make it worth. I am not sure how to estimate how much risk you take because you see these four dora but I think you want the best return on the risk taking. Also, I wouldn’t expect B or C to discard a 4s so I think riichi increases your chance of winning.

    Also, where you wrote “…Players B, D, and A need to think about…” I assume you meant C, D and A?

    • Gemma says:

      So this may be where JPML training may lead me on a merry dance… You tend not to get players opening their hands in the spheres I play with unless: it takes them to tempai, 1-shanten, they have a high scoring hand, or it incorporates a dora. (Of course, someone is always breaking those rules but non-brilliant pros like myself try to stick to those rules!)

      That said, online I do see more aggressive play so perhaps it’s not a great rule of thumb here. It’s a good opportunity perhaps to check my own echo chamber (tsumo chamber?).

      I can definitely see the argument for holding those honors. I wouldn’t throw a bamboo into it but I think with that fast East throw (a double value), it’s very unlikely to be a flush hand.

      That 5p would have felt very dangerous to myself. If the player held a 334p, they would discard the 1p early (as they have) and then throw a 3p out later (that second 3p is a tsumogiri but it’s not worth discounting for that alone). That would mean a wait for the 2-5 and I don’t see anything on the table that discounts that. The 5p is certainly not safe in a situation that Player A could have stayed safe and I’m not sure this is a hand I’d have pushed personally.

      And yes! Thank you for the correction. I’ve fixed the text.

      Thanks so much for the comment and making me think some more! 🙂