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Watch M.League On AbemaTV: A Guide

Last season, I was excited about the prospect of watching M.League’s opening sessions. But, frankly I didn’t have the interest in setting up a foreign VPN so I can stream a bit of content...

M-League Starts with a Bang!

It doesn’t seem that long since the first season of M-league finished, but after a summer recess, the ultimate professional riichi competition is back! Bigger means better? This time, we’re bigger with one extra...

M-League New Season

Did you think I was going to write an article about the M-League new season with all the hot gossip and intelligent predictions on the players to watch out for? Haha! Check the tags!...

M.League—Do We Have A Game?

Garthe Nelson closes this feature series by recapping the final weekend of the M.League inaugural season and a powerful victory by the Akasaka Drivens!

M.League: Is It Already Over?

As the last rounds of the M.League finals approaches, Garthe Nelson recaps last weekend’s battle to halt the Drivens’ runaway lead.

M.League: Here in the Paradise Garage

This is not the old mahjong. This is mahjong reinvinting itself: it’s faster, it’s slicker, there are teams and team supporters’ clubs, there’s glitz and glamour, and the players are wearing the merchandised sports kit styled on global soccer.

M.League’s March Madness

With the first season of M.League shooting into its finale, Riichi Reporter has invited the infamous Garthe Nelson to offer his opinions on the preceding game series as well as the final matches taking place this month.